Ouroboros Records – Chapter 8 – Oubeniel, the Invader

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TL: Sychev

Chapter VIII – Oubeniel, the Invader

The time I spent traveling with a carriage took longer that I had initially thought.

Unlike modern cars, its source of power is a living thing. If its source of power gets tired, then it’d have to eat fodder. Well, since I am me, I can actually alter my horse to improve its speed, horsepower and endurance. But publicly possessing an animal with abnormal ability has the risk of me being suspected of  ‘unlawful possession of magical beasts’. Basically, when it comes to magical beasts, such as unicorns —– I don’t know how they tell them apart from normal monsters though—- , one can’t simply possess them without the consent of the royal family.

However, it was because of that long travel duration that I was able to carefully readjust M-03 who went haywire due to an unexpected incident, so I suppose it was a blessing in disguise. Currently, she’s in the recovery phase and it’ll take some moments for her until she can work like the other slaves. Later, after I open another lab in my land, I’ll have to do a thorough examination on her again.

While thinking deeply about such matter, I look at the outside views from the window of the carriage. We have finally entered the Viscounty of Marlin, our destination. As far as I can see there’s only weary peasants with their desolate fields. Are we really in the “Land of Fine Arts and Black Earth, Arquell”?

In addition, apparently monster subjugation has gone into a halt around this area. Uni and Due had to work not quite a few times on the way here.

I saw this coming, but to think he’d push me a land this horrible…

“Milord. That older brother of yours sure hates you…”

“Seems like it. In order to harass his little brother, he gave me these farmers who were neglected by their lord, it’s unbearable, don’t you think?”

Totally, Due said as he shrugs. He’s the only person in my carriage for now. Usually Uni is the one who would never leave my side.

– Knock.

There was a sound from the roof of the carriage, but when Due unconsciously reaches for his two-handed sword…

– Knock, knock-knock, knock.

I heard a peculiar rhythmic knocking from above.

It was a predetermined cue.

While I raise my hand to restrain Due, I called up towards to the carriage’s roof.

TL Note: He raised his hand to signify that it’s safe, if you didn’t catch the drift.

“Welcome back, Uni”

And then she opened the moving carriage’s door and went inside.

I’ve told Uni to go on ahead to collect some information. She does have some ranger skills for her investigative quests. Something like investigating idle petty officials should be easy peasy.

“I have returned, Master. As expected, the governance in this place seems to be blatantly flawed.”

She presented me a document regarding local deputy houses that divided the rule of this viscounty into three. Of course, the document that Uni brought is the copy instead of the original.

“Thank you for your hard work. Let me see… Ugh, this is just terrible. Illegal control of grain distributions and embezzlement of irrigation expenditures? Leaving bribes for water rights disputes aside….. they also bribe the kingdom’s auditors in order to misrepresent the audit on them. The tax rate is ninety percent. Oi, oi, doesn’t that mean the folks below will always be in a state of famine?”

TL Note: The original words used as a tax rate was “九公一民”, which means “nine for the lord, one for the people”. It’s based on a system from the feudal times (or at least, in feudal Japan) when the lord of the land would take the farmers’ harvest by setting up a portion to divide them as tax (they didn’t know percentage back then). I put 90% there to simplify things.

“Many farmers seems to have financed their livelihoods by selling their family members as slaves.”

TL Note: The original just said that they were selling slaves, it was strongly implied that they were selling their own family members as recounted in the previous chapter. Though it’s also possible that they sold themselves too.

“So that means, I might have had some ‘guests’ from here too? I wonder if this is what they call, ‘punitive justice’?”

“… You, how come did you find this much in less than a day?”

“That’s because I’m a maid. Mansion infiltration is our specialty.”

“That’s, not quite normal though?”

And so my opuses made merry about miscellaneous things. I didn’t participate in their conversation as I was busy thinking of things to do with this devastated territory. In any case, I’ve decided my first move.


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“Am I glad to finally see you, new Viscount-sama!”

The man who seems to be the deputy that reigns the town from its government building extended his hands widely to express his welcome to me. Behind him are two men that seems to be the other deputies. They are making this obsequious, sycophantic smile at me, but there’s also this feeling of jealousy towards the first man oozing out from them. Probably they feel that the first man has stolen a march on them as he gets to host me at this time.

Perhaps to prick the men behind him, and moreover, as he reminds himself of his sense of superiority, the man was unusually in high spirits.

“It was a long journey for you, and I daresay you must be tired! Today, I have prepared a bath and other things for you! Well, please come to our humble abode! It does not compare with my lord’s mansion back in the capital, but please make yourself at home.”

His disposition was truly unctuous. Even though now that I’m posted here and consequently he can no longer freely do things he had been doing around this place up until now, I see he’s still quite the sly racoon dog. Most likely, he’s scheming to undermine me by playing things nicely to win my favour, in turn, that would get him appointed as my right-hand man. But against his move, I—-

TL Note: The original words used in exchange of “undermine” was “骨抜きにして”, which means, figuratively, “to pull someone’s backbone/teeth out”. I’m not sure if there’s an equal idiom in English, but looks like the closest word there is is “to undermine”, credits to AW in the comments section for this.

“Ah– right. Me, I’m not that used to traveling. And frankly I am exhausted. There’s a bath ready for me, you say? That sounds good. Let us go, then.”

I’ll take him on. Ugh, all that shaking for days in the carriage has been rough for me. I’ve improved the carriages of the Oubeniel house by installing suspensions on them, but as expected, if I were to compare the carriage’s seat with that of cars or trains in my previous world, then it wasn’t at all a comfortable ride.

The deputy’s eyes bulged in a snap as I appear to be even more dimwitted that he had initially thought.

“…. Is that so, indeed? Then let me guide my lord to our bath right away! Please take my hand!”

“Eeh, is it okay? Sorry about this then, feels like I’m imposing on you.”

“No, no, not at all. Since the Count expects me to serve the new lord with my whole heart in all sincerity as well!”

“Hm? My brother expects that? You see, I hate that man. He was always grumbling and complaining. Have you heard of this story before? There was this once, during a meal, he was being all noisy just because I asked which to take first between a fork and a knife.”

“Yes, yes! We will serve you with all sincerity because you’re our new lord, that’s why!”

Never thought that flattery could be this crafty. Still, this aggressiveness. Even if he was born in my previous world, his skills as a sales can get this man go to places. When it comes to his management skills, though, he’s definitely not a person I would want in the managerial positions.

While minding those matters, I check the people around me. The deputy’s officials aren’t even trying to hide their scorn at me, even way before I show them that incompetent noble brat act. And with a few retainers——- that said, most of them are slaves save for one—-, I followed along, as I make this soon-in-the-twenties face as bratty and as che sera sera as it can.

These officials have also been gazing lustfully at the maids, especially Uni. There are also some frightened face as these bunch glare at Due, who evidently has a rough appearance, probably confused whether he’s an aide or a brigand. While grinning, he responds by making a provocative face.

As I’ve come to learn how the people on the top thinks and now that I’ve seen the attitude of the people below them, then apparently this is just like an enemy territory. To think that I have to manage this fief for my first time, only reputable officials and ministers can successfully turn things around here.

Well, it doesn’t matter. Thanks to that, I can do things thoroughly without being easy on them.


The bath in the deputy’s manor, which will be my temporary residence at this time, has quite the luxurious build. The bathtub is amply wide, wide enough for three adults to enter together while still giving them room to stretch their limbs. Most likely- no, most definitely, multiple people would enter this bath together to have various “fun”. It seems that it’s safe to assume that these people have been living in extravagance. Thanks to that though, I can now take it slowly for the time being.

“Is the bath temperature to your liking, Master?”

Uni’s voice echoes in the stone bathroom. Of course, this was not the typical greeting in a peculiar bathhouse where she’d wait for me in her birthday suit. Uni is currently guarding the bathroom’s entrance. For the timid me who would wear a completely protective dress whenever I go out, bathing time is my most defenseless moment as I remove all my clothing when I enter the bath. If I were to ask a certain legendary dual-wielding swordsman, he’d tell me not to take a bath, but I was originally a Japanese who lived in the 21st century. Even if I don’t drink or smoke now, entering the bath is the only thing I can’t give up. Therefore,  to guard in the vicinity so I can take my bath leisurely like this is one of Uni’s daily job.

TL Note: might be a reference to Miyamoto Musashi, but I could be wrong.

“Ah… well, it’s lukewarm, but it’s not unbearable, since I’ll get out before dinnertime, it’s not a problem.”

“If it pleases you, should I warm the bath more?”

“It’s fine. Being like this once in awhile has its own charms too. More importantly, please focus more on your guard duty.”

“Yes, Mast—”

Abruptly, Uni’s reply was interrupted. I wonder what happened. She was trained as a maid and has been one since she was six and thus I don’t think she would intentionally do something that’s akin to a blunder like that. That means…

“M-03 to Chief Maid. There is a figure presently approaching the bath. Appears to be a woman, apparent age is mid-twenties to early-thirties. Very lightly dressed. No weapons nor magical powers detected from the individual. Chance of concealing such items is also minimal, over.”

From Uni’s maid uniform’s pocket, I heard a muffled voice. It’s from an apparel used for communication purposes. Think of it as a magical gimmick that works like transceiver. I see, apparently she had already sensed that someone was coming over, even before the report.

“Chief Maid to M-02. We will handle the subject in your report from here, continue to watch over the surroundings. Over.”

“I don’t think it’s an assassin… Then, in that case, Uni—-”

“Yes. Will you be using the ‘perfume’?”

Apparently she already understood my intentions, even before I have the chance to finish my sentence. Her being my assistant for all these long years sure wasn’t just for show.

“Right, it’s in—”

“The back pocket of master’s trousers, left side, is not it? I found it.”

“Excuse me”, Uni says as she throws the retrieved vial over. It’s an emergency, so there’s no time for her to give the vial by hand. I open the vial’s lid and put it on a suitable place. It has a densely sweet aroma, but it’s a sickly scent. My preparation is complete.

Soon after, there was a knock on the door of the dressing room leading to the bath.

“… May I know who you are?”

“My master ordered me to take care of the new lord. I have come to scrub the dirt and the likes from him.”

Send a woman like this towards the weak-willed noble son. This truly is one of the most standard strategies ever.

“The master prefers to bathe alone.”

“And leave a lady just next to him aside?”

“… Please wait for a moment. I will take your message to him.”

As if I didn’t hear their exchange, I let out a small whistle. I say Uni is quite the actress too. She left her to sweat in suspense.

“Master, you have a guest. She said she was here to take care of your bath.”

“Yes, got it, got it. Tell her that she may enter. Receiving her is the polite thing to do, isn’t it?

“Certainly. Master has granted you his permission, please enter.”

As she opens the bathroom door, it came down to me that it appears that she had been catching her breath. Was it due to surprise because she saw Uni was carrying a sword, or was there any other elements at play? However, even if she hesitated, it was just for a moment, as now before my eyes a woman with troubled look stands.

“Good evening, new lord-sama.”

With my eyes that’s a bit out of it, I observe her. Her skin colour is good, and there’s no speck of dirt on her. In a backwater countryside like this, there’s only a few, if any, shops that hold women that can satisfy the nobility. So, perhaps she’s kept by the master of this house. Did he turn his own woman, or did she come sneakingly by her own volition to snuggle up against the new lord? If it’s the former then it’s just his character, but if it’s the latter, I’d say in addition to his character he apparently doesn’t keep a good eye on his surroundings.

TL note: The original word for “dirt” is “旅塵“, which means dirt/dust that’d stick on you if you travel outside. This inferred that the woman had been inside the manor all along.

Did she perceive my gaze? She seems to be somewhat smiling.

“Perhaps you’ve already heard me before, but I’m going to say it again anyway, I’m here to wash your back…… Back in the royal capital, have you had the pleasure before?”

“Umm, not really, no. I find being preoccupied with my own hobby to be more enjoyable.”

“Oh, that’s no good. You’re a noble, so your body must experience various plays, especially that one between men and women, okay?”

She presses her body against me as she talks. Boldness sure is a good thing. Though I’m a bit anxious that she’s not in my sight, I know that Uni is just around the corner. Or perhaps I’ve stayed too long in the bath and I’m losing my attentiveness?

“Do you really mind?”

“… For now, I just want to know you a little bit closer.”

“If that’s the case then…”

A white hand takes my hand, and before it draws my hand to her chest,

“Please have this first. My homemade perfume.”

Originally, the perfume has to be diluted with water, but I just went ahead and thrust it at her tip of the nose without reservation. The bathroom is damp, so unless I do this I wouldn’t know the extent of its effect.

The smell, which I supposedly had developed a resistance to and still managed to get me a bit, swept away the light of consciousness from the woman’s eyes.


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The man who offered lodging to Tullius Oubeniel, one of the three deputies, was lying in his bedroom as he immersed himself in contentment. After witnessing Tullius’ behavior at his welcome dinner table, it became apparent to his eyes that Tullius is helplessly average. He tried to ask him in a roundabout way for just bit of his impressions after he saw the domain for himself, but as a response he only whined about the fact that he got kicked from the royal capital to the countryside. On top of that, even though he didn’t drink that much alcohol his face went all red, and the end result was he excused himself in the middle of the dinner.

In the letter from Oubeniel’s new family head, Linus, it was written that he was a devil who skewed his family, but what he probably meant was that he made a hole in their finances after spending a great deal of money on alchemy. Every now and then you’d find people who’d believe the tall-tale that lead can be turned into gold and people who’d exhaust up more gold coins than what they can get in their hands.

At this rate it’d be very easy to coax Tullius to let him continue to do as he pleases.

The man laughed a shadowy laugh.

“What’s on your mind?”

Asked his mistress mischievously to pull his thoughts back to reality.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m thinking about what to do next.”

“You mean, what would you do about that boy?”

“Yeah… how did things go from your side?”

As he tried to draw the details from her, she laughed in a contemptuous way.

“No good. He didn’t satisfy me at all, that boy. For a boy his age, he sure was too indifferent.”

“And because of that, now you’re snuggling on me?”

“Yes, he was ridiculously curt. He also went as far as giving me this—”

She said as she rubbed her body. There was a scent of flower he had no memory of.

“… Perfume?”

“Probably something he got in the royal capital. Really, I don’t understand… I wonder if he felt that countryside women would be obsessed with things that’s popular in the capital…”

The man laughed as the woman complained. Certainly, the scent was a little too strong. It probably wasn’t to her liking.

That said, however, despite of him being supposedly indifferent, his gift was a passionate one. When it comes to relationship between men and women, there is a type of people who are indifferent when it comes to sexual pleasures, but are actually interested in their minds, it’s likely that the young fellow is one of those people.

If that’s the case, even if he gets the big clue that I’m trying to coax him, it’d be the same. Men will learn what stimulates them along with pleasure. I’ll save him the trouble by taking him to the bed and let him embrace women.

“Ahn, what are you trying to do?”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t get to be satisfied a while back?”

“What? Even though you just turned me to another man.”

“It’s a wile to keep my rights in this place. Sorry.”

“No~pe, I don’t forgive you. Let’s have a bargain instead.”

So demanded the woman while graciously smiling. This lady sure is a greedy one. Well, what is it that you want? The man thought so as he sunk his head on her ample bosom.

“Mmn, ahn… hey, you’ll listen to my request, right?”

The scent of flower was dizzying.

…. Sweet.

The scent smelt like a heavenly wine. All of his thoughts were melting.

“Yeah… I’m listening…”

Everything was fading away. The fair skin in front of his eyes, other that that, nothing else mattered.

“You’ll really listen?”


“Really, really?”

“Told you that already…”


“Of course…”

He didn’t even know what he was talking about.

He seemed to hear the words along the lines of, anything, really.

The man was bewildered. Really, what was it about this woman that enticed him so? Certainly, her looks was excellent, and her skills weren’t so bad. But that was about it. In the nightlife world, you’d be able to find at least one woman of this level in every shop. Besides, if she wasn’t a woman of that level she wouldn’t be a kept woman of some deputy in a backwater territory.

But that question eventually faded and vanished too. What remained was the dubious desire that melted him.

”Quick, ly…. I’ll hear it out… anything… I’ll give… anything…”

The woman laughed at his reply.

It was a laugh unfitting of her, one that was like a baby’s. And as if her eyes were covered by a film, there was no light that came out of it. The light of one’s will, there was none.

“If that’s so…”

“Shall I have your brain tissue, then?”

A boyish voice took over and continued the woman’s words.


What to say, apparently this is easier than I initially thought.

“It seems that the perfume took into effect very quickly, but I wonder if the concentration was a bit too high…. I hope it won’t leave any weird aftereffects later.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem. We won’t be using their talents anyway.”

Uni and I talked as we looked down on the unflattering appearance of the hugging pair. The scent of the homemade perfume hangs thickly within the room. Just like what I used on the high court investigator a while ago, it is a strange scent that makes one easier to manipulate once they smell it. Compared to the earlier version, however, this one works quicker, but correspondingly, its side effects is also stronger.

Last time, I could prepare it in my room in advance, and even if I’d end up being suspected by the kingdom’s investigation agency later, I can always use the weaker one, but, this side was the one breaking in and I suddenly had an uninvited visitor back in the bath, so I had to resort to the emergency measure.

“Excuse me. M-01, reporting to the master. Set up for temporary facilities for emergency surgery procedure in the halls have been completed. In addition, Opus-02 and the B-series have successfully taken control of the guard posts. It may be concluded that there is no problem in the advancements of Phase 1.”

“Well done. Alright then, it’ll be an all-nighter today too. We’ll take over the centre of this manor this very night. You all too, do your best, okay?”

I generously nod in approval to the maid who gave me the report.

“Yes, Master. Us slaves swear to work ever harder in zeal.”

The maid gave me a bow and left. Since this is a temporary facility, I won’t be able to make elaborate adjustments like that of the mass-produced type, but since this will be a simple lobotomy operation, then there’s no problem. As Uni said, after witnessing the state of the territory for myself, they do seem to be quite incompetent, so… even if I make all of them to standby for my instructions—— like standby dolls?—–, I don’t think there’d be any changes. Rather, I suppose the state of the fief’s population as a whole will improve as they can no longer exert their tyranny on them.

“Okay, I can’t keep taking my time forever. There’s a lot of things I have to do, so let’s just do this quickly, Uni.”

“Yes, Master.”

Answered Uni as she prepares to inject anesthetics into the deputy and his lover. She took away their resistance, and as if she were carrying a small thing, she lifted both of them together with each of her hands. Seeing Uni carrying those two as if they were light with that kind of slender body was pretty surreal.


Revamps on my vassals were completed in less than a week. The other two deputies also immediately responded after I asked them for their hospitality, and in the end they also swore their loyalty the same way as the first deputy did. Though I was prepared for a little more trouble or incident along the way, presently, no such problems happened.

At most, due to the sluggish movement of the guards, the ability to mediate the commoners’ conflicts declined and security around the area, which had been low in the first place, suffered even more.

Presently for us, we are governing the territory and proceeding with the preparations of the new lab in parallel, and as busy as I am, during this time I have to properly readjust M-03 who broke around this time.

Then, at last all the general preparations have been completed today.

“…..  Ah, I’m tired. To do jobs other than research, isn’t this my first time doing so after I was born in this world, I wonder?”

In the former manor of the deputy’s basement that was refurnished as a lab, I stretched myself as I sit slovenly on my chair, as expected it’ll surely be good if my facilities are in place. Even when I do the same job, there’s a remarkable difference in efficiency.

“Yea, yea. I’m also overworked, but it’s worthwhile so…”

So grumbled Due.

At that time he let go of an inferior material when we left the royal capital, but he  redeemed himself by collecting the monsters which happened to infest the area that were attacking him to some extent . He, a battle-type “masterpiece”, isn’t suited for this line of work which I’m currently putting my hands on so he’s doing his best in his area of aptitude instead. If he fights, he’d be able to familiarise himself with his new body which was adjusted for battle, thus it’s supposed to be a pleasing thing for him.

And then Uni comes with some documents,

“I’m very sorry to bring this while you’re being tired. Petitions have been sent here from all over the territory. Arbitration of water rights, resumption of disrupted irrigation works, measures against neglected dungeon, and et cetera.”


Just when I thought one work was over, here it comes. When will it be until I can continue with my research, I wonder? Well, my older brother sent me here for that very purpose of keeping me away from my research. Perhaps what’s going on here is just as he wished for. Except that I seized those old raccoons within a week.

“Measures against the dungeon? I thought there was a lot of stray monsters, but as it turns out, it was because the dungeon has been overflowing? Then, request to the adventurer’s guild—”

“There’s no reason for the former deputies to not issue a request, is there? That said, is there even a guild here?”

“There is only one adventurer’s guild in this territory, since the level of requests is low and the number of cases is not that much, so our much-needed adventurers don’t even come here.”

That is just horrible.

“Thought so… The monsters around here might be a lot when it comes to their numbers, but their level is low. That means their drops will also be low in quality, and apparently that doesn’t look appetising at all for D-ranked adventurers and beyond. Having said that, those fledgling low-ranked adventurers—”

“They wouldn’t have the funds to come to this remote place, so they won’t come in the first place… Well, let’s save what to do with the dungeons for later. It’s not like I have no idea about it. But let’s start from treatments for agriculture-related matters.”

However, I don’t have the right kind of wisdom in me. I’m neither a politician nor a bureaucrat. I’m a researcher. Even if you ask Einstein, Gauss, or Neumann to deal with home affairs, it’s not possible for them to make effective arrangements. Even in the world of simulation games, intelligence (INT) and politics (POL) are usually different abilities.

So, I can only do things to the extent what an amateur in politics can do. Fortunately, the factions of this Viscounty of Marlin is now unified under me. There’s none of this complex thing such as faction this and faction that. And more than any other territory, the Lord of Marlin can actually do whatever he wants. Though I must be extra careful from meddling too much in a weird way and make a mess out of it.

“Let’s declare a tax cut for the time being, the current tax rate is just too terrible, as for the water rights, let’s wait for later investigations.”

“Oh, the basics.”

“How should the merchants be dealt with? It seems that they had a shady relationship with the deputies in regard of the illegal distribution of the grains.”

“Ah, yes, there’s also that, huh…? Just right, let’s take them into our fold and sell them our potions. I happen to be familiar with herbs that can grow even on a rough land like this.”

This is totally troublesome. It’d be a mistake to brainwash people like these. If their dealing partners abruptly change in behavior, there is the risk that the other merchants would come to distrust us. Well, I’ll just bait them with a more interesting deals to silence them. At the very worst, when it comes to things that can be done about them, there’s no other measures available.

“But even if we manage to transact with people that frequents the royal capital, there’s not enough manpower in the industrial sector of this territory. I’d like to propose an increase in the mass-produced type slaves.”

“Indeed. Due, you’re the least standing out when it comes to buying slaves. Please go with B-01 and B-02. Fortunately, we have enough budget thanks to these assets those guys have saved up. Go ahead and splurge on it as you wish.”

Truly, this is one classic case of “turning misfortune into fortune”. They had been hoarding wealth for some time now, and on top of it, they won’t be paid salary in the future. And more than that, they won’t raise a labour dispute. Truly a coveted talents for your typical black company. Their abilities are fine as well, though such have been severely reduced due to their readjustments.

“Yea, yea. Got it, got it. So, it’ll be fine for me to return to the royal capital?”

“No, if you do that ani-ue will take notice of my movements. Besides, if you cross the border from here, Canales is much closer. It’s the largest slave-trading city in the continent. Since the population parameter for sale is rather large, you should be able buy products with the normal quality at a cheaper price.”

As I give him the name of the place, Due lets out a whistle.

Commercial Capital Canales. A free city independent from the kingdom. It’s a merchant’s city where you can get ahold of anything if you have the money. The headquarters of the adventurer’s guild is also there. Due was an adventurer originally. I don’t know if he’s been there, but it’s surely a place that’d rouse his interest.

“If you’re so inclined, you may make arrangements for your equipment as well. I will leave your new armour at your discretion as well, since it’s too early for me to earnestly get into research.”

“Quite the lavish budget… my mouth is watering…”

“… Yes, and also.”

I’ll give him another advice while he’s still in high spirits.

“Is there anything else?”

“It’s not really a big deal. It’s just, if you want to buy a woman then I won’t stop you, however, if you bring her here, that means you won’t mind if I tinker with her, that’s all I wanted to say.”

It’s actually important. If my secrets leak out, then I’d be in trouble. Here I am planning to start an experiment on a larger scale than ever, and I will not let other person to roam about in this place freely.

As expected, Due seems to flinch at that.

“…. Ro-ger”

Then he turned around and left.

As Uni saw that, she lets out a small sigh.

“How unsophisticated. It seems that he still isn’t quite aware that he is Master’s tool.”

“Well, not even a month has passed, you see. He’ll eventually get used to it. More importantly–”

I look at the samples that were lined up on my working desk.

Recently, fiddling with people’s head is all what I do. And while I’m used to it, I must say that if that’s the only thing I do, it does actually make quite the depressing story.

Now, after a long while, I actually want to prepare for other tasks than that.

“— Since they went with the trouble of giving me a territory. For once, let’s do something befitting of a lord for a while.”

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22 thoughts on “Ouroboros Records – Chapter 8 – Oubeniel, the Invader

  1. Thank you for taking over the project and continuing the translation. I really enjoy this novel: I love stories about villains and mad scientists, wizards, or the like. This one is one of the most interesting I’ve read.

    I was really happy to see it update so frequently, even if there are future delays I’m just glad the translation is active!

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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  2. qdiqmidmqim fwe,fowmo, fweifwimfimwef qwp,pqdpq,wd, fasasa f wnfownfownefwo o bronv3nf02f fw0e f0w j0fw8neufnmasmd d qwdqwdm-qwdoief0miifmi0mfwmef0w0q0mdqm virve8r0femfwm0qdp,pasl,dp,pfekfpr asoaodmomfmfome roomqomdsma qeppaspd

    what’s this?


    1. Thanks for for the attempt, but that’s not actually a mistaken form, haha. Think of it as some sort of an exaggerated expression, if you will.

      If you spot another mistake, please let me know 🙂

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  3. His territory will be so flourish, that his brother will feel another jealousy, despite he thinks he’s already win from his inferiority complex.


    1. I didn’t read all the way through the latest chapter, but I must say it’s Due (instead of Uni/Tullius). He’s the token good character in the series and I guess is the only character that brings colour to the story. You’ll eventually get it.


  4. “I followed along, as I make this soon-in-the-twenties face as bratty and as che sera sera as it can.”
    What is che sera sera? I don’t understand.

    “M-03 to Chief Maid. There is a figure presently approaching the bath…”
    I checked the raw and it said M-02, not M-03.

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